Cheap and good food in Oroquieta City (Halang-Halangan)

This is a popular place for locals

Pork barbecue

If you’re craving for good but cheap food in Oroquieta City, head no further than the row of native huts, the halang-halangan, near the waterfront at the back of the new Novo building and across Rhovic’s Place.It is carinderia or turo-turo style with cooked meals displayed inside a glass shelf or in pots and still have the option of having pork barbecue on the grill. These food stalls used to be at the city plaza but was transferred to its current place.

Feeling hungry for dinner, I headed out to this row of eateries and decided to sit at Susan’s Halang-Halang where the biggest number of people were eating. Except for a table inside, the rest of the tables and chairs are under the stars, al fresco.

Beef halang-halang is tender, mildly spicy and good

I ordered pork barbecue and one cup of rice, the waitress then offered me halang-halang for just P20 ($0.50). Curious, I ordered one to go with my dinner. Halang-halang literally means spicy and this dish is actually bite sized pieces of beef simmered in broth until tender. To spice it up, chili peppers are added while being cooked.

I took a sip. Hot and just mildly spicy, way to my great liking! It was well seasoned: not too salty, nor bland. It would also have been a good eat during wet weather. And the beef? Bite size of tender meat, proof that it has been simmering for a long time. No wonder, people associate Oroquieta City for its halang-halang even if it can be found in many provinces.

Native huts at the waterfront where locals usually congregrate for cheap and good food

As to the place? I like the ambiance. Fresh, cool air. You can hear the sound of the waves at the shore. Or people chatting and laughing, having a good time. You can gaze up and see stars on a clear night. Its a beautiful provincial experience that I can fondly recall experiences of my childhood in Cebu.

Puso rice, pork barbecue and halang halang

As for the other food? The barbecue is cheap, at just P4 ($0.10) per stick, and is well marinated. The puso, at P3 and even bigger than those found in Cebu which costs the same. One has also the option of having their barbecue like chicken, coagulated pig’s blood and other parts, as well as have pansit (noodles), fried meat and fish.

The Sunset Guy

Payling’s Restaurant in Oroquieta City

Located at Quijano Street, Oroquieta City a new diner named Payling’s Restaurant has opened to give the locals a unique taste of Filipino-American cuisine in a homely kind of setting. The city is definitely stepping up to another level to give us more reasons to explore the beautiful Oroquieta. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future the city would become the foodies’ next favorite hub in Northern Mindanao

My bestfriend and I are supposedly on a trip today to Sinacaban to visit the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park (MOAP) but due to the bad weather, we drove all the way to Oroquieta City instead. With no plans on what to do, we just wandered around the streets until we bumped into this restaurant which we thought at first is just a simple white house.

The restaurant is just beside the city’s favorite pizzeria, “Bianos” but we opt to try the Payling’s Restaurant because of its home-like structure. You might be intimidated at first to get inside because of its closed wooden doors. But when you see the interior design, you’d be excited what this restaurant has to offer.

The waiters and attendants are very accommodating. We were happy they gave us the long table with modern designed couches. It kinda gave us a different but a special kind of dining. 🙂

We’re actually not that hungry so we just selected their snack menus for our short dining. We ordered D’Burger, Potato Fries, Fruit Juice in a jug and a slice of their scrumptious Red Velvet Cake. The burger and fries were warmly served in a very nice presentation and the tastes of it were good too. Also, we were delighted by their four season’s fruit juice in a jug – so fresh and refreshing. Above all, the Red Velvet Cake was very creamy and tasteful. Yummy!

Most of their servings are good for 2-3 people so I find their price range relatively affordable. Price budget: PHP 200-300.

                                                            D’Burger (PHP 150)
                                                         Potato Fries (PHP 65)
                                                     Fruit Juice in a jug (PHP 100)
                                                    Red Velvet Cake (PHP 100)
Other food choices are Fish Nilarang (PHP 205), Lechon Sinigang (PHP 250), Rice Noodles (PHP 185), Ngohiong (PHP 60), Payling’s Signature Chicken (PHP 295), Baby Back Ribs (PHP 250), Fresh Garden Salad with Mango Vinaigrette (PHP 190) and more.

Overall, we had a wonderful time in the restaurant and I would surely recommend it to my friends!

Payling’s Restaurant complete address is Poblacion 1, Quijano Street, Oroquieta City, Misamis Occidental. For inquiries and reservation, their landline number is 545-0828 or mobile number 0917-3142-449.

Kudos Payling’s Restaurant!
 Thank You for visiting my blog! Enjoy you’re day at Oroquieta city ! The city of goodlife!

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